Assessment 1: Data Analysis – Essay Furious

Assignment 1 Brief

Formative (first draft) due-date 16 July 2021 Summative (final) due-date 30 July 2021

Assessment 1: Data Analysis

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Type of assessment Word Count or Equivalent   Weighting Pass Mark Submission due date & Time Method of Submission    Date of Feedback
      50%  40% Week 9       15 Working Days
Assignment –     10-page  
Data   PowerPoint slides

Based on a research topic, you are required to obtain the relevant raw data. You then use MS Excel to manipulate the data obtained and present the information using MS PowerPoint with strictly no-more than 10 slides, including your name and ID. Tasks

  • Based on a research topic or case study given on BlackBoard, obtain/download the raw data for sampling
  • Use MS Excel to manipulate the raw data with various statistical techniques.
  • Communicate the information using visual representations.
  • Screen-capture all the important information onto MS PowerPoint slides (i.e. no more than 10

slides). Case Study

Your case study is to be based on the following two websites.–vaccinations

The data 1st March 2021 – 30 April 2021 must be downloaded from the two websites before answering the following questions

1) You need to compare the UK vaccination data between the one published on  


in order to identify the difference and similarity in the form of visual displays (such as charts and graphs

  • You need to compare the UK vaccination data with both
  • You MUST create the chart(s) yourself using Excel
  • You need to calculate the percentage/ratio/fraction (whichever appropriate) of vaccination with respect to its populations.  
  • You must use the Statistical techniques (mean, median and mode) using the Excel functions, such as AVERAGE, MEDIAN and MODE to display relevant information.
  • You must also leverage on the Excel AutoSum features (SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX and MIN) for data manipulation in order to display the relevant information
  • You present all these in MS Power Point for no more than 10 slides. Both the “data” and the “figure” views must be clearly shown
  • Topic of understanding (10%)
    • Brief description on what this summary is about. This must be specifically related to what you are presenting.
  • Raw Data Presentation (20%)
    • Choose appropriate data for sampling.
    • Present the raw data on the spreadsheet, using Excel function, such as auto-format
    • Label the raw data accordingly.
  • Statistical Techniques (20%)
    • Convert the raw data into meaningful information, using mean, median and mode.
  • Data Manipulation (30%)
    • Using Excel functions such as
    • Auto-sum formula (Sum, Average, Count, Max and Min)
    • Percentage/Decimal/Fraction/Ratio (whichever is appropriate) to manipulate the data
  • Communicate the information using Visual Representations. (10%)
    • Present the data in appropriate types of chart(S)
    • Discuss the conclusions by interpreting the obtained data using the above information.

Additional Notes (these apply to Assignment 2 and will cause marks to be given or deducted if not adhered to):

  • All relevant and important information (such as formulae, charts etc.,) obtained using MS Excel must be screen-captured onto the PowerPoint slides for marks to be awarded.
  • Spreadsheet must be produced using required formulas/feature and formulae must be evidenced.
  • Spreadsheet must be professionally designed with required formulas/features and formulae must be evidenced.
  • Labels of the columns and rows of Excel spreadsheet(s), must be clearly shown on the screen capture(s)
  • Table(s) must be professionally displayed.
  • Chart(s) must be clearly labelled with correct headings and legend.
  • Any commentary or analysis must be specific.
  • Number of pages must be adhered to.
  • Headings/Sub-heading must be used when appropriate.
  • Bulleted or numbered lists must be used to help organize your text in your slides, as this is not a report.
  • Advanced feature/functions of Excel used appropriately if required.