AUSC W7 Management of Crises and Emergencies Case Study – Essay Furious

SOLUTION: AUSC W7 Management of Crises and Emergencies Case Study – Essay Furious

Please view explanation and answer below.Hi :), I attached the answer to your question on time as promised along with an outline 😊. I am currently submitting the answer for your perusal, kindly go through it and confirm if it satisfies your requirements. Feel free to communicate if there are any changes to be made.1Management of Crises and EmergenciesStudent’s NameInstitutional AffiliationLecturerCourseDate2IntroductionA crisis is a situation characterized by a high degree of danger and complications. Thisperiod often requires careful management of events that occur hence the need for crisismanagement as a skill. Most organizations are required to have reliable crisis managementstrategies and professionals who can help in managing the situation from the start, including theaftermath, in a better manner. Most counselors are involved in crisis management because theycan calm people, ensure that proper procedures are followed to find a solution, and preventfuture similar occurrences. Public relations professionals like counselors are suitable formanaging crises (Ma & Zhan, 2016). This essay provides a complete explanation of what can bedone from the time a notification is received about the crisis in the study until when it is resolvedas well as post planning for correcting the crisis in case it happens again.Case Study SummaryThe case study involves a child who loses consciousness and eventually dies following aseizure. The crisis ends in the victim’s death due to various reasons, including the lack of a crisisteam or professionals who would have helped handle the situation and avert the unfortunatedeath. The incident happens when the school is still new, and most things are not organizedproperly. Working in the school, I receive a notification that a child has fainted, and no oneknows the problem. After calling 911, the response team took longer than expected. Some noiseis heard in the background, indicating an increased level of confusion in the crowd. Afterarriving at the scene of the incident, I realized that emotions were high, and the child was partlyunconscious. A medic tries to handle the situation but does not have information about the child.While trying to find her medical information, an ambulance arrives and takes her to the hospital.However, she dies from seizure complications (Ma & Zhan, 2016).3Considerations and Crisis AnalysisI w…

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