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c= THE RESEARCri While usually .t out under ficedirigs, the proposal shoold be written as a coherent wholta hi sections should relate to each nth., and to an overarching argument about the valuiy of the proposed research. livokl repetition, and make your points in a Logical order, • • • Rw.e.arch proposal formats and headings are not consictent at MSS institutions, but all • . tend tabu’, some combination of the foilowing Inot next,..arhy in the following orderi:
-The title suLarictly and clearly sums up the project so that its fccus is evident to a non-expert reader. Avoid puns. Argon, and very long titles. In the words of Punch 12000. 691. it •should convoy as much information as possible in as few words as possible’. This is a concise preview of the key tssuks of , research prowl write the introduction that will appeal is the reader, spark their interest. Y. need to capture the attention of people who might not know a fat about the area or be interested in the topic. That said, don’t oversell and don’t be defensive about the value of the project. X EST ri.415. A.« 5 eseatrexpo—Wstatarreas- the beginning of the proposal so that the rr_acici, know exactly what you are pie prising to do and can read the document with thai in mind. There should br no mystery of confusion in the mind of readers. Remember, the research questions and aims need to be fully justifies at that the question: Why should we care about this issue,, is. answered Some provssatr, also require a separate statement of significance. but even if this is not required. your literature review and/or background discussion should contribute to the justification. You may find it useful to be clear about the importance of Your project. using wording such as The. roeearch is significant because_,.. E van kg Diffit 1:; Trif 63-61 •.uggests three questions when determining the scope of the literature 1 What literature is relevant to the prate,t, 2 What is the relationship of the literature to the amp/Led study? 3 How will the literature be used in the proposal? Ideally, your discussion will make dear how the question. probteire., end methods arise out of the literature. 67110DOLOOY AND CONCEPTUAL FRAWEVIet, A proposal TnEruolfirra statufficnt at your methodology and theoretical and conceptual framework and how these are related. They should be justified. rather than merely stated. but any justif icat ion needs to be bract and written m plain Frigl kh_ A word on your statement of methodology: the is not the time to develop an extended response to methodological debatft.. Rather, the aim of this section is to make your starting point clear, so that the reader can iudge how your initial stance sh.ttath your project.
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T-‘1-r—Orvide a tot of detail in your methods discuss., Do more than state, for example, that you are .doing sent..tructurect indepth interviews or brrariale analysis. Be specific on hoer the methods will he used in this par trcular piecatf research. Be clear about Your sae:14%nd recruitment processes. cooceptualisation, operation. ..non. variaeles and measurement *here relevant), instruments and data collection process., and analysis. Remember that all protects have their limitations, so a is best to present an informed ce.cussion about what you can and cannot do with your sample And methods. Qualitative proposals often ‘mob,: evolving procedures questions. theories. operationalism., and conceptualisation as themes emerge throixih the data. This is acceptable when it is ol the logic of the research deign (rather than evidently arising through sloppy thinking and planning1. In these instances, it is important to explain the bassetf the flexibility and has deciwre. will he made as the study evolves.