Discussion Board Expectations

Your discussion grade will take into consideration how actively you are engaged, how well you present your responses, grammatical structure and spelling, and how well you incorporate other resources (such as textbook readings) into your postings. Your grade will be based upon your thoroughness, accuracy, and knowledge gained.
To get the most out of each week and to do well in your discussions, I encourage you to please review your grades and my detailed feedback every week, as I make it my practice to let you know the strengths and weaknesses of your submissions in order to help you do well on future discussions.
You should participate in discussions IN THE CURRENT WEEK, which is Monday to Sunday, and you will not receive credit for postings that are submitted to the discussion late. While it sounds like a tough requirement, keep in mind that your attendance is widened to any 7 days of the week. Therefore, please avoid last minute unexpected issues by planning and completing work ahead of deadlines. Plus, it gives you a chance to take a weekend to relax.
You must complete your discussion and add 2 peer responses over three separate days. You are highly encouraged to post your initial discussion response early in the week in order to give others a chance to respond to it. Remember that discussions close upon week’s end, and cannot be accepted (under any circumstances) after Sunday’s due date.
Please plan to respond to at least two (2) peers each week to demonstrate active participation, and respond in threads other than the thread where you submitted your main post to gain knowledge of various topics we are discussing (unless otherwise stated in the discussion forum instructions). Additionally, keep in mind that if I respond to your post by Friday of the active week and ask you to explain or clarify something in your initial post, you should plan to respond to that post as well, as it is likely to earn you more points for initial discussion. Posts to me do NOT count as peer responses.
In general, each discussion response should:
reflect on the concept you learned about from your readings and lectures
offer an example to support your position
answer all questions in an original voice (written in YOUR voice, not simply paraphrased from the text)
correctly cite all sources of reference in-text and at the end of your post as a reference
end with a final statement that talks about what you learned or what you take away from this lesson
demonstrate excellent attention to both writing and style
If you follow this outline, your discussions will be fantastic!

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