EPIC EHR – Peachy Essay

Epic is a cloud-based EHR solution which deals with several subjects. The product has been utilized across different fields, from network-based to emergency clinics, autonomous practices to the multi-forte emergency clinic gatherings, and medical services suppliers. The Epic contains a solid spotlight on understanding commitment, and it encourages far off consideration. There is a broad application in android and iOS, which empowers patients to deal with their medical services necessities. Epic offers numerous healthcare solutions. Some of these solutions have been outlined below, as obtained from the epic site.

There has been a positive response from parents living along the lake countryside about the mobile clinic, which has its activities. During the coronavirus pandemic, person visits were postponed due to the effects associated with the virus. Therefore doctors from the lake country pediatrics wanted to keep children safe, so they decided to plan for friendly visits using a school bus equipped with patient records. They could access the immunization history of children, take notes about kids’ health status, and send prescriptions electronically, including a summary of each visit. According to the feedback received, it shows that people love the mobile clinic because services are brought close to them. Therefore the benefits will continue to be provided even when the corona pandemic disappears.

A second outcome where Epic is used t to provide holistic services to the elderly in the residential cares. Vantaa, the fourth largest city in Finland, shows that about 15% of the population comprises elderly people. Therefore, it means that the aging and elderly services are on-demand, consequently the need for these services. A retirement center by the name Myyrmaki Retirement center uses Epic to provide residential care through the Apotti project, aiming to reach a social integration and social care to more than 30% of Finland residents by the end of the year 2021. At Myyrmaki, epic charts contain patient medication lists, vitals, and storage of one’s life story, which includes biographical details and personal preferences. The center provides opportunities to its people. Such options include crafts and hobbies, gardening the yard, and communal dining, which has a primary goal of maintaining a high quality of life. The epic method has been positively accepted by the people who have experienced it.

Sentara, a healthcare facility in Virginia, managed to send electronic blood screening results. The first few years of a child are the most crucial, therefore if something doesn’t look right in a baby, blood tests should be done, and results should be obtained quickly. Thus a state-owned blood screening for newborn babies has been set up. It enables electronic communication between clinicians and state labs, whereby results are obtained in less than five days compared to the 15 days for non-electronic products. Therefore this Epic based solution is being used across Sentara hospitals, and it should be implemented in all other states.

Contra Costa Health services have been using the Epic system to prioritize and outreach their highest risk patients. The old-age personnel suffers the most since they are vulnerable. During the corona period, it was hard for them to leave their homes to cater for their social needs. Therefore the health facility decided to keep these people stay healthy by providing services to their doorsteps. Contra Costa Health facility uses a predictive risk score, which is used to evaluate a patient’s likelihood of severe complications from respiratory disease like the flu or Covid 19.  The Epic chart provides the basis for calculations of the patient’s risk to attack. Factors such as age and previous hospitalizations base the outcomes that are obtained. After identifying the most vulnerable people, the patients are called, and information is obtained from them on how they get their daily food and medication. The data is recorded, and a follow-up team follows up and provides the required essentials to patients. By doing this, the patient’s exposure to diseases is reduced. In addition to this, Contra Costa partnered with some food companies and food banks to make deliveries to patients, which played a crucial role in reducing exposure to diseases.