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Presentation based on evaluation of customer feedback for developing a new product/service conceptTask Description

The aim of this assessment task is to provide you with hands-on exercise for a new product/service idea development based on customers’ online reviews. You can choose any two products/brands that you want to work with for both Assessments 2 and 3.

Consider two competing products/brands, for example, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ versus Google Pixel 4 or Apple iPhone 11; Canon versus Nikon entry-level DSLRs; or Garmin versus Fitbit or Motorola or Samsung Galaxy or Apple smartwatches; Uber versus Ola.

Alternately, you might like to examine new hotels that started in 2019/2020 such as in Perth The Adnate versus the Ritz-Carlton; in the Whitsundays the reopening after repairs due to cyclone damage of Daydream Island versus Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort; in Sydney the Sheraton on the Park versus Novotel Darling Square; in Melbourne Zagame’s House versus Shadow Play by Peppers; in Brisbane Howard Smith Wharves versus the W Hotel Brisbane.

Note: Assessment 2 and Assessment 3 are related so read Assessment 3 before deciding on your product/service. You should check your chosen products/services with your tutor before starting your research.

As an entry-level new product consultant, you need to develop and present the following report to your Marketing Director (your tutor):

  1. Using 10 customer reviews for each competing product/brand, list the product features and related feedback based on 2 competing products/brands x 10 reviews = 20 customer reviews. Reviews may be available on various Websites (e.g. productreview.com.au, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Trivago, Amazon, Ebay and so forth).
  2. Conduct a thematic data analysis procedure for the 20 customers’ reviews (you decide on which themes are important to the customer) and prepare two frequency tables for the themes identified in Q1 for both competing products/brands;
  3. Using the themes you have identified and the customers’ feedback, prepare two “Importance-Performance frameworks” – one for each product/service. You will need to include the associated tables for each framework based on a five-point rating scale for the two competing products/brands (a Likert scale from 1= very poor to 5 = excellent). Important: please show all working out so that your calculations can be checked.
  4. Develop and justify two new product/service concepts for the two competing products/brands based on your analysis.

Use the information gained above to prepare your PowerPoint presentation in a maximum of 15 slides. You will have 10 minutes (maximum) to present your findings in a face-to-face situation either in-class or via Zoom. Please ensure that your presentation includes relevant concepts, theories, tools, and models discussed in the unit. Please upload your PowerPoint slides via the Unit website in Moodle by the deadline.

For distance or online students: You will present in your Weekly Zoom session timeslot which is Tuesday night from 7 to 7:55PM AEST (Queensland time) at https://cqu.zoom.us/j/5375880343 in Weeks 8 (5th May, 2020) to 9 (12th May, 2020).

For face-to-face/metro-campus students: All in-class presentations should be completed between weeks 8 and week 9. Your local campus lecturer/tutor will schedule your presentation time and date. You will receive some brief feedback from your campus lecturer/tutor immediately after your presentation. Your campus lecturer/tutor is responsible for marking your assessment tasks; however, the marked tasks could be moderated by the unit coordinator.

If academic integrity is suspected to have been breached, your assessment will be forwarded to the appropriate o?ce/authority for necessary actions. Please familiarise yourself with the University’s assessment policy and procedure, grading policy, assessment extension