Identify your ethnic background. – Homework Educator

Identify your ethnic background. If you are multi-ethnic, choose one ethnicity to explore. Conduct a thorough investigation of your family’s migration to assimilation story. If you do not know your family history or if your family does not have a history of migration to the U.S. (ie, you are the first to immigrate or you don’t have access to your relatives); then choose a people group to investigate and include the criteria be   In your report, include the history of your people group as a whole. For example, if your grandfather came to this country, from Mexico during WWII as a ‘bracero’ then explore the Mexican-American bracero experience. If your ancestors moved to the U.S. from Ireland and settled in an Irish community in Boston, explore the immigrant experience of the Irish in Boston. Then parallel any part of your family’s experience with actual events in U.S. History. Another example is that if your great-grandmother got her first job while men were fighting in WWII, you can also talk about how historically, women gained employment opportunities that were not previously open to women.           After compiling your research, post all of your findings, videos, images and text on the Wiki page titled Family History Project. Add a page with your name and chosen ethnicity as the title. IF you use the WIKI tool exclusively, you will be able to edit your page as many times as necessary.

OR if you would like a more creative presentation, you may use glogster which is an interactive webpage that you can load all media on. The link to the left is an introduction to how to use Glogster. may also use any other digital medium that you find interesting.

If you choose to use a web based program, be sure to embed it to the submission WIKI page here.

In the event that it does not interface with the WIKI tool well, you may email the link to the instructor.

All projects must include the following: – Migration experience (except American Indians)- Assimilation experiences- Obstacles (prejudice, discrimination, oppression, racism, language etc…)- Public Policies created to exclude this people group.- Public Policies created to include or mobilize this group. (if applicable)- Labor roles and contributions- Achievements and impact, this people group has had on American Culture. – Reference page of works cited (at least 5) aside from class textbook. Acceptable sources include scholarly journals, books, articles and academically credible websites. Wikipedia is not a credible website. *In-text citations and references section should be in APA format.This list is not exhaustive; all of the elements listed should be covered but are not exclusive. Students are encouraged to go deeper with their exploration.

See Rubric attached to the assignment for details on how you will be graded.