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Using the topic you identified in the first assignment, identify an article from an online source (e.g. a news story, blog, or web page—anything but an article published in a research journal) that is relevant to your topic. The article you identify might not address all of the issues included in the question but should be relevant. Since this part of the assignment is aimed at learning to identify the limitations of web based information, you are welcome to use information from any source, and published at any time. In fact it might be fun and interesting to focus on an article or source that is out of date and even biased or uninformed.
Your assignment should include: 1. A cover page, stating the research question that you are addressing (from the list of possible topics in the previous assignment) and a link to the online source (be sure that the web link works). Then, in an essay of at least two full additional pages, please 2. Summarize the main points of the article (this should be at least a full paragraph); 3. Discuss how highly you would rate the article on each element of the TRAAP Test (timeliness, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose), a justification each rating, and any strengths or limitations on these points, with at least a paragraph (of at least five sentences) devoted to each topic; 4. Your judgment of the overall quality of this article based on the TRAAP Test (at least one paragraph of at least five sentences, and 5. What things could be changed in order to make this a better article in regard to the TRAAP test (at least one paragraph of at least five sentences).
Use APA format wherever this is relevant. Note that to address some of the elements of the TRAAP Test, you will have to do some additional research beyond what is in the article (e.g. to see if there are other versions available, to comment about the source).

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