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You will need your selected case study to complete this assignment.

Leadership Analysis In Module Three, you will submit your leadership analysis. You will analyze how leadership acted in your selected case study in regard to how they facilitated or motivated employees, what communication issues might affect how they addressed the problem, and whether or not the supervisors in your selected case study functioned as effective leaders. Use this Leadership Style Evaluation Test from Your Leadership Legacy by Robert M. Galford and Regina Fazio Maruca to determine what leadership style you lean towards and how that might affect the way you function in a criminal justice field. It will help prepare you to complete your milestone because you will be analyzing the leadership in your selected case study. http://www.yourleadershiplegacy.com/assessment/ass…

he final project in this course will expose you to a problem situation and task you with how it should be solved. You will imagine you are employed at a criminal justice organization facing a communal problem. Your superior at the organization has asked you to review the problem situation and offer your recommendations. You will be given the chance to evaluate the situation and develop suggestions that will inform development of strategies to address the issue using appropriate ethical and transparent leadership and communication skills.

The main purpose of this second milestone of your project is for you to work on your leadership analysis portion of the final project. Begin by introducing your selected case study. What is the name of the case study? Give a brief overview of your case study. Why do you think this case is important to your understanding of leadership? What do you think the difference is between a manager and a leader?

Prior to finishing this assignment, it would be beneficial to complete your initial post in the Module Two discussion forum. The leadership evaluation that you will be completing will help prepare you to analyze the leadership in your selected case study.

Prompt: Using your selected case study, complete the following critical elements for the assignment:

  1. Analyze the actions of leadership in the chosen scenario for how they did or did not facilitate and motivate employees in addressing the problem. Be sure to provide examples from the scenario to support your response. What instances in the chosen scenario exemplify the approach of leadership in encouraging and interacting with employees?B. Analyze the actions of leadership in the chosen scenario for communication issues that might arise and how these issues might impede addressing the problem. Be sure to provide examples from the scenario to support your response. What communication issues might leadership face when addressing this problem? What are the implications or consequences of these issues?C. Determine whether the supervisors in the chosen scenario have functioned as effective leaders. Be sure to justify your response, and support your response with appropriate research from the field gathered in your previous review.

Guidelines for Submission: Your submission should be 1–2 pages, double-spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman Font, and appropriate research used should follow appropriate APA formatting.


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