Make 2 responses to 2 of my classmates’ answers

I need two simple responses to 2 of my classmates’ answers.

please remember that – simple responses without advance vocabulary ( international students).

– less than half page each response.

– I need them with references.

This is the question.

  • Describe how the HVA is used in disaster planning?

and these are my friends’ answers.

Hazard vulnerability assessment is disaster management tool that is used by managers to analyze the severity of a disaster. Vulnerability refers to the extent of exposure to some hazard. Through this method, organization disaster managers identify risks that have high likelihood of occurring, estimate their likely damage to a community or organization. In this manner an organization is able to come up with response measures to mitigate the effects of the disaster. Hazard vulnerability analysis begins by identifying all hazards faced by an organization and then ranking the hazard according to their frequency of occurrence. Such information pertaining the frequency of occurrence may be obtained from organizational disaster records for a certain period. In addition to frequency of occurrence assessment, hazard vulnerability assessment as well looks at the hazard strength and its likely impact if it occurs. A hazard becomes a matter of priority if its frequency of occurrence is high, it is strong and the expected impact is high. Such a hazard warrants the organization immediate attention and resource mobilization (Thomalla, et al., 2006).

Second answer

Hazard vulnerability assessment (HVA) is a set of procedures that are used in the identification of risks and vulnerabilities that are likely to occur regarding a particular hazard. This is a highly effective way of disaster management, and more so in the planning process. According to Du, Ding, Li & Cao (2015), many manmade disasters can be mitigated through proper planning while the impact of natural disasters can be easily managed when the hazards are identified on time. Therefore, HVA should be used as a vital component of the disaster planning process.

It is difficult to plan for a disaster without understanding its chances of occurrence and the level of risks associated with the same. By helping in identifying the risks and vulnerabilities of a particular hazard, HVA necessitates proper and more relevant planning by giving disaster management authorities a head start on the issue. A good disaster planning approach should optimize the use of resources in disaster management while at the same time mitigating against the occurrence of a disaster or adverse effects regarding the same. HVA makes it possible to identify the risk level of a particular hazard and, in the process, enables the disaster management team to respond appropriately and on time to the disaster.


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