NUR 2407 Assignment Clinical Case: Coaching and Teaching –

NUR 2407 Assignment Clinical Case Coaching and Teaching

NUR 2407 Assignment Clinical Case: Coaching and Teaching

This assignment started and was discussed in class in small groups. Based on the

clinical case provided in class, develop a teaching/coaching plan that includes the

following information. The submission is an individual assignment. You may

use any books or other resources or references to complete this assignment. Use

APA Editorial Format for all citations and references.

List the goal for this teaching/coaching plan

Describe three teaching resources

Identify the teaching strategies that can be used

List the specific instructions that may be needed regarding her medication and what adverse reactions to be aware of/and what to do

Identify two factors that may negatively influence adherence to the medication and how they can be overcome

Describe how to include the family

Provide information on how and when she should seek support and help

Following your in-class activity, submit this assignment to the drop box below.

Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

NUR 2407 Assignment Clinical Case Coaching and Teaching

NUR 2407 Assignment Clinical Case Coaching and Teaching

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The difference between coaching and teaching

The main difference between coaching and teaching is that coaching is a multi-dimensional, cyclical activity that aims to bring out a particular aspect from the subject who is being coached, where teaching is more of a straight line, step-by-step approach comprised mostly of one-way communication, with the goal of presenting brand new, never-before-learned information.

That’s a mouthful, so I’ll break it down.

A coach imparts knowledge and introduces learnings, but also makes adjustments and provides feedback based on real-time information. Those being coached generally have some underlying knowledge, and an idea of how to go about the particular activity. The coach helps players “unlock” that knowledge or use that knowledge in different ways.

A teacher, on the other hand, introduces new ideas and topics, and is doing so with students who generally don’t have much, if any, previous understanding of what is being taught. The teacher is dealing with more of a blank slate in this regard, where a coach is re-sculpting something that already exists.

Bullets might help:


  • Expertise: Working with subjects to increase their abilities.
  • Atmosphere: Less formal, wide-ranging. Reactionary and spontaneous.
  • Subject: Usually has foundational knowledge and skill.
  • Primary Activity: Molding and adjusting.
  • Style: Hands-on; personalized.
  • Advancement: Based on real-time proficiency.
  • Testing: Real-world applications.

More on what makes a good coach here.


  • Expertise: Talking to subjects to establish a baseline understanding.
  • Atmosphere: More formal; in school, by appointment, etc. Planned.
  • Subject: Usually no prior knowledge of what is being taught.
  • Primary Activity: Disseminating information.
  • Style: General, by the book.
  • Advancement: Triggered by time or other benchmarks.
  • Testing: Recall of facts. Formal “leveling up” process.

Which is better, coaching or teaching?

Hate to say it, but a mix of both! And, it depends on the situation!

I’d say everyone has to be taught in order to understand what it is they know and don’t know, and to have a good idea of where they need further coaching.

For example, think of a tutor as the coach that takes over after the teacher has had their time with a student. The teacher introduces the subject and lays the groundwork. The tutor, then, comes in and helps a student “unlock” that knowledge, giving them feedback on their current understanding, and making adjustments to help fine tune.

Another example, going back to sports. I’d say an athlete is their own teacher, or perhaps the parent is the teacher when their child is at a young age. They show them how to shoot a basketball, dribble, etc. From there, they move on to working with a basketball coach, who adjusts their form, and teaches new and different aspects of the game.

Thus, both coaches and teachers fill different roles, and complement each other in certain ways.

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