Please see attached rubric. Must use these 2 resources Als

Please see attached rubric.

Must use these 2 resources

Also 3 of these resources

Be sure to use in text citation apa for all 5 resources.


Please see attached rubric. Must use these 2 resources Als
Oral Health Research Paper Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to: Identify appropriate outcome measures and study designs applicable to epidemiological sub-fields such as infectious disease, chronic disease, environmental exposures, reproductive health, and genetics. (CO3) Identify important sources of epidemiological data. (CO6) Requirements Research Topic: Oral Health Conduct research of targeted population – School Aged children Identify out comes to craft primary, secondary and tertiary objectives for primary care. Discuss population-based health education interventions for your target population that is aimed at reducing morbidity and mortality for the problem. Be sure to review the research literature and HP2020 for interventions.  Identify how and what data for interventions is being tracked. In a four (4) page paper, address the following. Refer to rubric for expanded details related to grading expectations. Identify the problem in the introduction section.   Provide an overview of the problem in your state/national.  Review of descriptive epidemiological and demographic data on mortality/morbidity and risk.  HP2020:  Present the goal, overview and objectives of Healthy People 2020 for the paper topic. Population level prevention and health promotion review. Describe population and/or primary health care focused interventions. Use of scholarly literature and HP2020 is required.  There should be direct correlation to evidence for all strategies. Use the following resources – Cited in text Must use these 2 resources Also 3 of these resources Best Practices in Preparing the Project  Assigned must be no longer than 4 pages, not include title and reference page. Include title page, running head, body of paper, and reference page must follow APA guidelines. This includes the use of headings for each section of the paper except for the introduction where no heading is used.  RUBRIC Introduction: 1. Problem is clearly stated.2. General introduction to the problem supports its importance as a population health issue with data and general statement of scope of problem.3. Focus of the paper is stated succinctly. Discussion: Overview, Background and Significance of the Problem Provide background and significance of the problem. This includes risks and impact of disease. Data: State and National: Incidence, prevalence, mortality, breakdown by gender/race/religion as appropriately related Outcome Epidemiological: Analysis of the Problem 1. Using descriptive epidemiology (provide description of term) analyze health problem2. Include demographic and related epidemiological data3. Include characteristics of at-risk population using HP2020 specified criteria Application of Healthy People 2020 1. Identify HP2020 goals and objectives2. Relate HP2020 goals and objectives to health concern topic3. Identify guidelines and a screening method related to health concern4. Review validity (predictive power) of screening tool method to include what population the tool is applicable to use with (for instance, adult, child, culture) Population Level Planning Interventions 1. Investigate what is being done at the population health level related to prevention and health promotion for the health problem at the national and state level2. Identify what and how outcomes are being tracked related to said interventions.3. Utilize HP2020, CDC, state public health department, research, etc. as resources for interventions and data.