Political Science and Modern History Research Paper Draft  – CONTENT CARTEL

Political Science and Modern History Research Paper Draft

Section I: Introduction

The recent events on the European continent, such as Brexit referendum in Great Britain, and the increasing support of pro-Russian parties in France and Germany, such as National Front and AfD, raises the issue of the influence of Russian Federation in European countries. The recent attempts of the Russian state to spread its influence on the rest of the continents have the historical background: a considerable aspect of the foreign policy of the USSR was to gain control over European countries and support communist movements. At the same time, Russian government intentionally imposes the policy of propaganda and informational pressure on the European countries This tendency is also able to threat the national security of the United States by threatening American allies in Europe. In this perspective, the basic intelligence issue seems to be the ability of the United States to prevent the spread the influence of the adversary.

Section II: Research question

The research question is: ‘Would Russian federation succeed in its attempt of strengthening the influence on the European continent?’. By taking the type of research question into account, it is a predictive study because it analyzes the possibilities of the future events. Considering this, the independent variable is political and social instability on the European continent, especially Western Europe. At the same time, the dependent variable is Russia’s influence in the region. There are no obvious answers to the research question: the influence of Russian federation on the European continent depends on the results of the upcoming election in such countries, as France and Germany. Considering this, it is impossible to predict with certainty the outcome of these elections and the level of influence of Russia in this region. The question whether the efforts will pay off depends on the choice of European citizens. I have developed this question by analyzing the recent trends in European politics: the increasing electoral support of populist nationalist Eurosceptic parties, presumably financed by the Russian government allows to suggest that Russian Federation tries to increase its influence on the continent. In addition, these parties (National Front in France and Alternative For Germany) have pro-Russian positions in their foreign policies. This issue has to be one of the basic concerns of the Intelligence because of Russia’s efforts to strength its influence and gain its foothold as the superpower definitely threatens US security. The presumable hacking attacks organized by Russian Federation can serve as a proof; in this perspective, the increasing influence of Russia in Europe can be the threat for the United States and their NATO allies.

Section III: Literature Review

Considering the fact that this issue emerged in the 2010-s, this topic had not yet been properly developed in the scientific literature. However, many of the European scholars covered this issue by analyzing it in different governmental reports and brief articles. There is another feature that characterizes the scientific literature regarding this topic: the articles usually cover