Power Transmission System Design – Essay Furious

Master of Engineering
(Electrical Systems)

Unit code MEE509
Unit name Power Transmission System Design
Assessment # 3
Paper # A
Version # 1
Created by Hossein Nabavi Date 16 Aug 2021
Reviewed by Yuanyuan Fan Date 17 Aug 2021

Master of Engineering (Electrical Systems) 2
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Master of Engineering (Electrical Systems) 3

Unit code and name: MEE509: Power Transmission System Design
Assessment #: 3A
Assessment type: Report
Weighting: 25%
Total marks: 100 marks

Please complete your answers on the assessment cover page document available on Moodle.
Clearly label your question numbers (there is no need to copy the full question over). Include all working
Question 1: (40 marks)
Enumerate the susceptibility and maintenance aspects of a 33-kV overhead feeder line of wooden
pole construction in your own words (approximately 800-1000 words). Maintenance aspects should
cover conductors, poles, insulators, pole top lightning arresters and fuses. The report should
contain methodology, implementation, evaluation, verification, validation, conclusion and the
challenges and recommendations.
Marking allocations for Task 1:
1. Literature review and hypothesis (5 marks)
2. Provided methodology and evaluation (5 marks)
3. Provided conclusion (2 marks)
4. Provided verification (10 marks)
5. Considered various factors in the validation stage (10 marks)
6. Referencing (5 marks)
7. Formatting (3 marks)

Question 2: (60 marks)
A 33 kV/415 V, 10 MVA transformer of an industrial complex is supplied from a distribution
substation by means of a 3-core cable directly buried in soil. The details are:
Cable – 3 cores, XLPE insulated, SWA, PVC sheathed copper cable

Master of Engineering (Electrical Systems) 4
Length of the cable – 15 km
Depth of burial of cable – 1.5 m
Thermal resistance of the soil – 1.5°C. m/watt
Temperature of the soil – 30°C
Three-phase short circuit current for a fault at the input end of the 10 MVA transformer – 13
Transformer can get overloaded up to 10% for brief periods of time
A 10% increase in load is expected in future
Perform the sizing of the cable. Provide the relevant specification data of the cable manufacturer
used in the sizing calculation of the cable.
Provide your answer in your own words in the form of a
report. The report should include a
literature review, hypothesis, and methodology with conclusions (approximately 800-1000 words)
Marking allocations for Task 2:
8. Literature review and hypothesis (5 marks)
9. Provided methodology (5 marks)
10. Provided conclusion (2 marks)
11. Various factors to be considered in the sizing of Conductor: such as cost, and Long troublefree service of terminations, etc. (at least 5 factors) (10 marks)
12. Considered various factors in the testing (10 marks)
13. The design documents related to this project have been presented and referenced (10
14. Provided a numerical example (based on the selected cable and site condition) (10 marks)
15. Referencing (5 marks)
16. Formatting (3 marks)