Pulling it all together – Social Engineering Security Policy

Week One Assignment

What is Social engineering

Social engineering is a way of manipulating people socially so that they trust the social engineer and eventually provide useable data or information. In other words, Social Engineering is when one person tricks another person into sharing confidential information, by posing as someone authorized to have access to that information. Social Engineering can come in different forms but the medium widely used to conduct social engineering attacks is one-to-one communication. People unknowingly reveal sensitive information by not conducting adequate security measures before sending the information. For example, social engineering preys accidentally share company’s trade secrets, social security numbers, when they do not encrypt the information, use two factor identification, or verify the requestor’s identity.

The Acme Corporation’s Background and History

The Acme Corporation is a name for the fictional partnership in Looney Tune and Disney Universe, showing up in different Warner Bros animation as a running gag. Founded in 1891 when Irish settlers Samuel Robinson and Robert Crawford opened a store in South Philadelphia, Acme has 161 supermarkets under the Acme umbrella in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania etc.zaui0 In 1999, it became an auxiliary of Albertsons.

The Business

Acme is the third biggest food and drug retailer in the Delaware Valley, where its rivals’ chains such as Ahold Delhaize: Food Lion, Stop and Shop and albert, just to name few from the Ahold Delhaize family, Wakefern food corporation: ShopRite, and Walmart etc.

Acme was the territorial deals pioneer in the Philadelphia region for quite a long time before losing it to ShopRite in 2011. Acme is an innovator that offered customers self-checkouts stands and online grocery/ products market services long before its competitors commenced online shopping in 2009. Acme also used internet-based orders to complete customers’ orders.

add hot food bars to its stores.

Why a Social Engineering policy should be implemented

Social engineering is the act of using any method conceivable to convince a person/ an employee to give up passwords, computer access, or admittance to off-limits areas that a social engineer can use to steal PHI or access systems to install malware.

Social Engineering depends on human desire or nature to be helpful; it relies on the common psychological traits (The desire to be helpful and the tendency to trust unknown people), this is why most successful social engineering incidents happen in places where there is no guidance or training. Therefore, to protect this organization’s data Management would enact a social engineering policy, and reoccurring training would be available to ensure that employees are compliant to this policy.


A Q&A mandatory session will be set up to create awareness about Social Engineering with user stories test scenarios. The goal of the meeting is to empower employees by providing a platform to understand the different forms/types of social engineering attacks, and ways to avoid exploitation, and what to do if there is a social engineering attack or an attempt. A corporate policy will provide continuous training and stimulated test to help employees easily remember.


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