SOLUTION: Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences Computer Science Worksheet

SOLUTION: Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences Computer Science Worksheet – Essay Furious

View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.kindly check the paper for any question reach out plese.Introduction to Computer Systems 2022Assignment 1This assignment should be submitted via the ‘Assignments’ section ofthe module Canvas site. The submission should be a single PDF file.This assignment is formative and will not be marked. However, thetasks are relevant for understanding the module content and presentimportant practice to equip you to do well in the final assessment.We will discuss the solutions in class around the middle of the term.For each of your answers, make sure you reference your informationsources when appropriate. Note that this assignment is individualwork. Do not work on it with your peers or copy other people’s work.1. Design an XNOR gate using only AND gates and NOT gates (inverters). Thetruth table for an XNOR gate is:0011Inputs0101Output1001Implement your design in Simulink (see the document “Quick guide tobuilding logic models in Simulink” on the Canvas site). Your answer shouldinclude a screenshot of the Simulink model, an explanation of how youcame up with the design, and a brief description of how the circuit works.2. Download and open the file adder.mdl (available from Canvas site).The circuit has three inputs, A, B and C, and two outputs, X and Y. Writedown the truth table for the circuit. (Hint: this will have 5 columns and 8rows.)Make a copy of the whole circuit by selecting, copying and pasting into thesame window, so that you have two circuits beside one another. We willrefer to the inputs and outputs of the original circuit as A1, B1 etc. and theinputs and outputs of the second circuit as A2 etc.1 of 3Delete the display for Y1 and the switch for A2. Connect Y1 to A2. KeepingA1 set to 0, write down the truth table for the combined circuit, with thecolumns in the order B2, B1, C2, C1, Y2, X2, X1.The circuit is a 2-bit adder. Referring only to the truth table and not thecircuit, explain why it has this name.Referring to the logic circuit, explain briefly how it works, including the roleof the connection from Y1 to A2.3. Briefly (in around 250 words) describe the concept of parity in relation tocomputer systems, and how parity may be used to make informationstorage more reliable. You will need to look up parity in a textbook or finda reliable source on the web to answer this question. Make sure youreference your information sources.4. Give diagrams of the electronic circuits (not logic circuits) used to storeone bit in (a) static RAM chips and (b) dynamic RAM chips. For each ofthese types of chip, give an approximate figure for the area occupied by aone-bit circuit cell, and for access time. Explain the different ways inwhich the two kinds of memory are used in a computer. You will need torefer to a textbook or the web for some of the information required toanswer this question. Make sure you reference your information sources,including any diagrams reproduced from elsewhere.5. Estimate how much space would be needed to store digitally one copy ofall the music ever recorded. State and justify any assumptions you make,and show how you worked out your answer. (Hint: you could start byfinding information about the size of well-known online music databases).Compare the result you got with the amount of storage available nowadayson a smartphone or tablet device, and discuss whether sometime in thefuture (given likely improvements in technology) people will be able tostore all the music ever recorded on the mobile computing devices thatwill be available then.2 of 3Assessment Guid…

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