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Discourse Community
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Discourse Community
A discourse community is a group of people whose members share common values,
goals, and communication forms. Such groups share a set of discourse and use a similar
communication form to achieve their goals. There are various kinds of discourse communities
within the society, one of which is the soccer club. Soccer is one of the discourse communities
that I became a member of while still in my secondary schools. A soccer club is a social group
formed by students with much interest in matters realign to football. The majority of the club
members were active school football team members, while the remaining were just pure fans and
players, though they were not part of the national team members. The club also comprised
teachers and some non-teaching staff, mainly the game master. Therefore, the study tends to
analyze more information regarding the discourse community soccer club and cultural practices,
among other significant factors.
As a member of the school soccer club, many issues or factors catch my interest;
however, their personality traits catch my interest most. The school soccer club developed an
artistic approach in which every member is expected to abide by their proposed personality traits
or values, including discipline, resilience, hardworking, confidence, mental toughness,
collaboration, and adaptability. Apart from that, every member was expected to maintain the
daily physical practice and coaching lessons. The club also offered moral support to members
and other interested non-members who wished to reduce their weight or maintain good body
fitness. Therefore, my interest was attracted by their range of skills and strategies that they
applied in physical exercise, which assisted individuals in maintaining good body fitness.
Regarding what stands out to me in this particular community or group, I am very
interested in and attracted by their full-body workout strategy and social lesson programs on
maintaining a healthy condition. Like other discourse communities in the school, soccer club
members also had a strong bond that made them form one big family, and every member is
considered either a brother or a sister. Through that, they offer moral, mental, and even
psychological support to one another when necessary. For example, when a member is sick, has
a physical injury, or has a psychological problem due to instances like the death of a relative, the
club member should offer necessary moral support and confirm to the affected member.
Having been a member of the school soccer club for two years, I was very surprised by
their level of discipline, both at the club level and even in society in general. Discipline is one of
the significant virtues of sports clubs, including soccer. It is essential for adhering to a practice
schedule and proper nutritional plan. As a result, all soccer club members were required to rely
on discipline to stay consistent and reach their goals. Their discipline, which also involved
adhering to the recommended foods or nutrition, had particular food products that they sued to
take. By all means, they avoided those which were not recommended or those that they were
cautioned against. I was also surprised by how they conducted themselves in the community or
institution. They expressed a strong bond or social unit in which they considered each other as a
Like other football clubs, the soccer club where I was a member was a social club or
group created to ensure football games remained active within the facility. People maintain their
body fitness through physical activities and recommended quality food products. The club
members also organized soccer sporting activities that took place more frequently in and out of
the school compound, thereby creating a good opportunity for socialization. Based on its
operation, the group majorly engages in sporting activities that involve organizing and managing
sporting activities like football. Through the team leaders, there were also coaching lessons
where aspiring footballers were trained to gain the necessary football skills and tactics. That also
involved classwork where they were taught moral lessons, including essential diet and good
personality traits.
Soccer club members communicate through meetings that mainly help at the training hall
or recreation pitch. Most of their communication was physical and was always guided by the
team leader or the coach. Apart from that, members also communicate through phone calls and
text messages, which involves using social media platforms like Facebook and even WhatsApp,
where they formed online social groups and invited all members to participate and share their
ideas, challenges, and even other issues that might concern them at a personal level or as a team.
As a social group, the group’s communication had various purposes related to their
gaming activities; for instance, they mostly communicated when they needed to share critical
information about their gaming activities or membership. For example, if there was a
forthcoming tournament or any other challenge that affected the whole group, like any planned
occasion and even discussion on financial matters necessary in the group’s general operation.
Based on personal experience, the soccer club members also used to organize group
communication or meetings when they needed to reinforce some values and improve the team’s
performance, mainly when they had experienced poor performance in the past games or when
there seemed sot be reactance among the team members. A group meeting was appropriate
where the leaders would address the members on the way forward to a necessary strategy that
they would engage to ensure the club remains active and retains good performance.
In most of their communication, the school soccer club members used English, which is a
default language and recommended by FIFA. English was very common and understood clearly
by every team member as a national language. That made communication very influential among
the club members. There was no special language apart from English that soccer club members
used in their conversations and their written genre.
The soccer club is one of the discourse communities because its members share common
values, goals, and communication forms. It is a social group made by people with the primary
intention of gaming, enhancing their football skills, and maintaining body fitness. Their main
activities involved patriating in football, training, and engaging in physical exercise. Some of the
shared values shared by their members include discipline, resilience, hardworking, confidence,
mental toughness, collaboration, and adaptability. This group most values and enjoy participating
and even watching games, and their primary form of communication is through meetings and
phone calls.
Assignment #3 (Midterm)
Self-Reflection on and Revision of Discourse Community Analysis Paper
COMM 1311—Spring 2022
Complete both Parts I & II below: In answering the questions, you may refer back to the “SelfReflection Sheet” you worked on during this past week.
Part I
Answer the following three (3) prompts in regard to your Discourse Community Analysis Paper.
Each response must be at least one (1) full paragraph in length. Be specific in your
1. Identify what part of the paper was most effective (Introduction, a Body Section, or
Conclusion). Explain why.
2. Identify what part of the paper was least effective. Explain why. Describe what you
would do to improve this part.
3. Describe an “addition” you would make to the paper: either by adding a completely new
idea or substantially developing (adding to) one of your existing sections/paragraphs.
Or, alternatively, identify a section you would “delete” from the paper; and, explain
Part II
Re-write a section of your paper (either what you identified in Part I as “least effective” or
another part if you so choose). You can edit the original section or write something completely
new to replace it. The section you are re-writing/revising needs to be at least one (1) full
Upload this assignment through the link Assignment #3 – Midterm Submission Link in our
Assignments Folder. Name the file as follows: Your Name COMM 1311 Your Section #. It is
due by Tuesday, March 29th.

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