SOLUTION: CSUN History of Ancient Greece Worksheet

SOLUTION: CSUN History of Ancient Greece Worksheet – Essay Furious

View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.1The History of Ancient GreeceStudent’s NameInstitutional AffiliationCourse DetailsProfessor’s NameDue Date2The History of Greece#Question 1Originally, Passio described the suffering of martyrs by Christians, was based on thewitnesses’ testimonies. In the earlier times, passio was a miraculous element that played a smallpart in the description of the martyrdom of SS. Perpetua, Felicity, and St. Polycarp in theScillitan Martyr passio (Backman, 2019).Later on, authors exaggerated this narrative with miraculous and fanciful happenings tosatisfy and edify popular tastes. In the 5th century, another type of passio became popular bydescribing the legendary account of saints’ death or life (Backman, 2019); an example is thepassio of St. George, and St. Catherine of Alexander. In its authentic form, the passio isdistinguished to be a genuine act of martyrdom, a short and official report of the trial of death ofmartyrs, which most of them do not survive.#Question 2Carthage was a historical city in Phoenicia, located in Africa on the northern coast. Thename Carthage means a ”new town” or ”new city” that was most powerful in the region becauseof its impressive harbor on the Mediterranean and its proximity to trade routes before the rise ofancient Rome (Backman, 2019). It became the center of trade networks in Phoenicia at the heightof its power. Eventually, Carthage became the wealthiest city in the Mediterranean region thatboasted of having a harbor containing over 200 docks and extremely wealthy people.Ancient Rome, Carthage’s neighbor expanded and grew in power leading to an inevitableconflict between the two cities. Their rivalry led to three Punic wars that were fought on sea andon land, but Carthage lost the war (Backman, 2019). Carthage was re-established as a Roman3colony with Julius Caesar as the leader. Today, ancient Carthage lies in Tunisia in ruins and isused as a tourist attraction.#Question 3The origin of the great tragedy that started in Athens in the form of art and lyrical epicpoetry performance is linked to the worship of Dionysus through ritual performances such assacrificing of goats and singing of a ritual song called trag-ōdia while wearing masks.The main features of the lyrical performance of epic poetry are drama, epic, and lyric. Anexample of epic poetry is ”The Odyssey”, a story of the adventures of Odysseus, a warrior atTroy (Backman, 2019). He went fighting for ten years on the plains of Troy and spent anotherten years back home fighting obstacles that prevented him from returning home to his family(Backman, 2019). During the ten years of Odysseus’ journey back home to Ithaca, he lost all hisfriends and ships, disguised as a beggar to gain information about his enemies withoutrecognition.An example of lyric poetry is “Ode to Aphrodite,” a poem by Sapho, a poet from Lesbos,Greece. By far, this poem is revered widely and regarded with respect. The archaic poet calls onAphrodite to help her and other Aphrodites who were compelled into marriage witho…

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