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Subject description The postgrate subj.. introduces ei.ents to the uses d inforneaan SYsterTe SassrsMil vslue fnr organisations It dea wcs dIfferent types of enterprise information requirements. aPPI.5on infmmetio. systems business problems, and recent developments and technologles In Ole marketplece Emphasis is an orgalsational strategies for inforrnatiOn Systems. mobile. dead and saw! carnputIng. and design activities inducting
Subject learning objectives (SLOB) Upon moms. comp.on of this subject studenn shodd m able to: 1.Evatuate dnere nt use of Informatm systrsms h supporting organiSatiOnal 2 Examine bass echno.pes enabling buSines outcomes. Use basic sIdlis for informatiOn regulrements °Awing, business analyals and des,OS S. Assess and identify management issues related to information systems actives within enterprise, 5. Evaluate responsibilities of In.matIOn SY… ProfessssalS
5 Apply.. unpaved °SNP sink Skills at working in AM.
Coulse intended learning outcomes (0110,) This subject also contributes specifically to tbe development of .elollowing Ocairee Intended Learn.g Oulccones (GILD. dentify. interpret and analyse Stakeholder needs. (A., Identify constraints, uncerlaIntles and Hsla of the system (Baal, culta, environme.1, business etc) S-S) Apply prIncIples of sustainabillty to create vlable systems (A.S) apply systems thinking .10 Understand complex system behaviour inclUdIng Interactions between components and wlth other systems ,soclal, cultural, legislative, environmental, business .10,51 Identify end apply re.ant problem solving methodologies (SS) Design components. sySterns n. or processes to meet rerned specificeben ISS) Apphr abstrachon malbemal.cs andior discipline fundarnemals analyess. caste and oeu.See (CA)
Evaluate model applicability. accuracy and incauons Manage ovm time and proceSSeS effecevelv by prontsng compebng demands 10 achieve personal pmts inane. self) OS., c,,,,,,,unrcate effect., M ways appropn. to Me discipline. auchen. and purpose
din 21 to mn,.■ parlormance evaluallan against approprlate entana seep smeq means of tracking personal development needs end achievements (F
Teaching and learning strategies Students will team Stough a combine., 000Pic Presen.on. design acevaies. esd g ‘OW darns- ‘Tem.. apro….1y 1.5 hour topic present.. and 1.5 hots practical work per week. students need to lake tie tin rg points into consideration for pre-class preparation. Tese. ensure a palm!.
Lecture notes br each week will be made available on uTsonline pnor to each lecture students need to review lecture no. as veil as corressmding recommended readings be.e coininm the clan. – lecture includes at least one major case study. A copy of the case studY enll P… on STSOnline each week, lecture folder. Students need to study the sve and review Its questions before the class time. • Students are encouraged tO bring their notes and questions to the clase, and diSCUSS them with their group members a. exchange reacted, Content (topics) In a wo. where organisations are constantly trying to grow and game competelive advantage. Entscprise Information Systems olav a vital role In halo. aroan.ions to achieve their obiectIves. T. Babied covers information statecies.