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The Establishment of the US Army

The history of the Armed Forces of the United States of America started together with the country itself due to the fact that the new nation that was going to struggle for its freedom and independence needed an effective military force to challenge the largest and the oldest empire in the world. The creation of the US army was the result of incredibly courageous activity of colonists and well balanced political steps, conducted by the members of the First and Second Continental Congresses, which were the authority that took the responsibility of foundation the Army. In the circumstances that demanded rapid military reaction the policy of turning colonial volunteer troops into regular Army was justified and necessary. As a result, the US army was founded by the single Act of the Congress, but the process of its establishment was complicated and took several stages and a long time to turn it into the world’s first military force.

The creation of the US Armed Forces began in 1775 when colonial volunteers formed mobile units to oppose British troops in the starting American Revolutionary War (“American Revolution,” 1998). The first clashes
in Massachusetts in April, 1775 demonstrated the ability of these units to effectively attack British forces and inflict serious casualties without general engagement. Although colonial volunteers were mostly civilians,
they rapidly developed modernized ambush tactics to press the enemy as much as possible. The ability to use familiar terrain and to strike unexpectedly soon brought the first success in the clashes, which manifested the
determination of American people in their fight for freedom as well as attracted more volunteers to the militia units. In attempts to use this situation as beneficially as possible, Massachusetts Provincial Congress
decided to enlist 22 thousand men as local defending force (“American Revolution,” 1998). Volunteer units from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire immediately joined this force (“American Revolution,” 1998).
The constant arrival of volunteers and the support of the population manifested high level of motivation of American soldiers, which in turn influenced the effectiveness of newly founded units. The decision of
Massachusetts Provincial Congress was the first step to create the regular army in former British colonies. Thus, the determination, courage, readiness, and energies of active Americans in their first fights against British forces were those factors that formed the basis for understanding the necessity of the establishment of the US Army.
On June 14, 1775 having accepted these factors and taken into the consideration all circumstances that formed current military situation, the Second Continental Congress approved the creation of ten musketeer companies as continental force to serve till the end of the war, thus creating the first America’s regular army (“History of the United States Army,” n.d.). The troops were to be enlisted in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware (“Army History Timeline,” n. d.). All of them were planned …