Training for Knowledge & Livelihood

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Assessment Task 2 Instructions
Carefully read the following:
It’s time to implement strategies decided on for rolling out the program to staff members. As noted in the case study, there have been prior difficulties with some staff members and the CEO is wanting to ensure that prior difficulties and situations are addressed in the training to enable all staff to better manage any conflict in the future.
The CEO has requested that a Set for Skilling Staff Training Manual is developed and then a training session be developed and delivered based on the manual.
Complete the following activities:
1. Design and develop a Set for Skilling Staff Training Manual (in the form of a pdf or word document).
The training manual should be designed to assist you, the Recruitment Manager and your team, roll out the Set for Shilling Program, program initiatives, diversity policy and associated procedures and be designed using language appropriate to the staff of Aus Accountancy.
The Training manual should address the training needs you have identified will be required for the staff of Aus Accountancy to successfully embrace the Set for Skilling Program and will be used as a training tool document to help you train your staff (recruitment officers) on the Set for Skilling Program, who will in turn train others within the company and new employees during induction.
The staff training manual must include:
• An introduction to the Set for Skilling Program including the program objectives and initiatives.
The benefits of the Set for Skilling Program, in the workplace in relation to work performance, skill level and the delivery of the business’s services to customers. (specifically outlining the benefits of working effectively with difference).
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Training for Knowledge & Livelihood (TKL college) AIM 97 619 537 692 RT0 Code 45509 CRICOS Provider Code:037700 Suite 707, Level 7159-175 Church Street, Westfield Shopping Centre, Pam., NSW 2150 P 02 8677 3602 Erne dl: • A summary of the training needs identified and how the Set for Shilling Program provides solutions to these. you are to identify these by reviewing the CEO’s background information in the Set for Skilling Program Document
A process for employees to follow to help them become aware of and let go of any negative beliefs, bias or judgements they may hold toward people who are different from them. (This could be in the form of a training activity, such as questionnaire or reflection activity that could be implemented in the training).
• An overview of Aus Accountancy’s diversity policy and the dispute resolution procedures so employees are aware of the aims of the organisation in relation to diversity and the location of and the procedures to be followed if they encounter conflict in the workplace.