Write a Critical essay on The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Daz.

For this assignment, you will choose one (1) of the following prompts and write a well-argued, well-supported, formal, literary analysis essay.

1. In Oscar Wao, the characters are often confronted with overwhelming love as well as with unspeakable violence. Both serve as fuel that keeps the characters going. Which one is more powerful? Do love and violence work for each other or against each other?

2. Oscar is referred to as a hero. Why is Oscar referred to as a hero and what type of hero is he? Include a discussion on the differences/similarities between being an immigrant, an outsider, and a hero.

3. Neither Lola or Belicia were satisfied with their lives; why were Lola and Belicia so unhappy and did they have the same reasons for being discontented?

4. Dominican masculinity is a central theme in the novel. Why is it so important, and how does it influence the unfolding of the plot?

5. The dictator Trujillo is a real historical figure that Daz inserts into his novel. In what ways is Trujillos character able to affect the fictional characters of the story?

In terms of a thesis or central idea for your essay, you can begin by formulating a response to the prompt you selected. Then, craft a very rough sentence or two (your draft thesis/position) that you will support with evidence from the text (quotes and phrases).

In terms of research, you will need to include two (2) secondary sources (that is, written credible sources that also focus on your ideas). They should be selected from credible sources, such as the University of Louisvilles Databases https://library.louisville.edu/az.php

Your critical essay must be three-to-four, full, pages (i.e., 2 and pages will not be graded), double-spaced, written in Times New Roman 12 pt. font. It must be written in MLA format, 8th edition, which includes the following elements below (Additional guidelines and examples are posted to bb. Also reference the Writing Center and Purdue OWL):
An original title (Do not title your essay critical paper.)
Page numbers in upper right hand corner
Double-spacing throughout, even header and title
Your name, HUMA U102, instructor name, and due date for this assignment in upper left hand corner.
A Works Cited page in MLA format, current edition, which includes your primary text and three secondary sources. You should have a total of at least three (3) entries on your Works Cited page: which includes the Dazs text and 2 secondary sources. (This is a separate page that is still included in your total page count.)


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