You Decide Assignment

Scenario Summary:


· In a large healthcare integrated delivery system (IDS), management uses a centralized “Call Center” for their 3 million patients on the Eastern Seaboard. From this Call Center, patients often call in and request to speak to the advice nurse (although they have their own telephone number listed), talk with the pharmacy, and ask to speak to the billing office or request an appointment. The Call Center is open 24 hours each day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year. It has 30 employees, six of which are scheduled to work on each shift. .


· Over the last 6 months there have been multiple complaints from patients citing, that they were put on hold, the phone was not answered quickly enough and they often had to call back. Although it can’t be directly attributed to this service, there has been an increase in emergency room visits and one sentinel event that physicians felt could have been avoided had the patient’s phone call been triaged appropriately prior to the emergency room visit. These issues have been brought to the attention of the regional CEO and the board of directors. Because the IDS are planning on a patient recruitment campaign within the next 6 months, the board of directors has authorized investigation of the problem(s). The CEO has authorized the money and time for this investigation.


· The CEO recruited a supervisor for this 8 week project and the supervisor has been allocated a 4-member multi-disciplinary team to drill down to the cause and effect of this poor publicity. A written report is to be provided to the board of directors within 8 weeks. The team has been authorized to use the concepts and tools of Total Quality Management (TQM).


· Key Players: Listen to the individual’s statements.


· For the You Decide Activity you are asked to take on the role of the supervisor. As supervisor you will be working with the 4-member team and leading them through the TQM process.


· You will be responsible for coordinating all tasks assigned to the team members and presenting all data necessary in the written report to the Board of Directors.


· In your (report) paper please address the following:


1. How will you bring everyone on board with the TQM process? Explain in detail.

2. What responsibilities/role will each team member be assigned? Explain in detail.

3. How will you instruct/advise each member of the team on how to proceed with their specific responsibilities? Explain in detail.

4. How will you explain the process to be followed? Explain in detail.

5. Which tools will you recommend be used and why? Explain in detail.

6. Will you be following the Performance Improvement Model? Why or why not?

7. Explain an ethical dilemma which could cause a problem for the team?

8. Summarize your findings and make a recommendation


Your You Decide Activity should include – at a minimum:

· A detailed analysis/description of items 1 through 8

· Cite research in the body of the report to validate the team’s findings

· Report presentation is important



1. Use APA referencing for all outside sources

– Appropriate APA formatting

– All text that is not Your “Original Thought” must have a citation

– Reference page

– Correct spelling and grammar

This Report should include:

· approximately 8 to 10 pages

· a table of contents and introduction

· 12-point font and double spaced

· a cover title page; include your name, Instructor and course title

· a summary and recommendation

· included at least 6 references